One Million Dollars

One Million Dollars

Monday, January 12, 2015

Wealth From the Wisdom Book

Proverbs 3:9, 10
Honor the Lord with your wealth and with the best part of everything you produce. Then he will fill your barns with grain, and your vats will overflow with good wine.
Proverbs 8:18-21
I [wisdom] have riches and honor, as well as enduring wealth and justice. My gifts are better than gold, even the purest gold, my wages better than sterling silver! I walk in righteousness, in paths of justice. Those who love me inherit wealth. I will fill their treasuries.
Proverbs 10:22
The blessing of the Lord makes a person rich, and he adds no sorrow with it.
Proverbs 14:24
Wealth is a crown for the wise; the effort of fools yields only foolishness.
Proverbs 19:4
Wealth makes many “friends”; poverty drives them all away.
Proverbs 21:6
Wealth created by a lying tongue is a vanishing mist and a deadly trap.
Proverbs 22:4
True humility and fear of the Lord lead to riches, honor, and long life.
Proverbs 23:5
In the blink of an eye wealth disappears, for it will sprout wings and fly away like an eagle.

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